Imagine Nothing

Ask me about anything!   Submit an idea?   This is the end for the distracted, the end of the rope for the remorseful, for the hated, for those who imagine nothing because when you imagine nothing, the truth will be revealed

    I sit here longing for the past to be forgotten

    powerless I have become to let go

    Of the apparition of your smile 

    stalking my empty soul

    that consumes

    The journey have lead me to a vacant ocean

    into a future I have no control

    that begs the question

    Is it worth it?

    Sorrow built a fortress, encapsulating my heart

    yet, the fragile state hinders

    on chaotic means

    to an end

    I question my motives as though a response will be given

    from an entity that no longer is present

    routine anticipation like clockwork

    guides my thoughts

    A dream failed to live up to expectation, plagued by desperation

    I grip the frayed rope being pulled up from me

    that has turned into a noose

    awaiting my neck

    Comfort me with assurance that you will be there if I call out to you

    I hold back the tears that flood this room of mine

    but all I see are the shadows left behind

    dancing in the wake

    — 4 months ago

    I never know what to say

    When you lost track the other day

    Everyone you know had gone away

    Too few and far between the words to say

    I’m trying to get your smile back

    But I stumbled with the charm I lack

    Every minute bleeds into eternity

    A darkness of which I cannot escape

    What’s to say when your ears don’t listen?

    What’s to say when your eyes don’t speak?

    Letting you go is what I am missing

    A mask to hide in is what I seek

    Cars travel slowly four floors below

    In a race towards death, enjoy the show

    I stare at the spiders, my head held low

    Everything will end, so it goes

    — 4 months ago

    This moment 

    reflects my lament

    As I make my final


    Into a darkness

    Too well known

    I am just

    a stone’s step

    toward your happiness

    Your day has arrived

    echo your symphony

    silence greets me

    with a smile

    all too fragile

    hollowed out dreams

    stalks the stranger

    under a single light

    blankets the haze

    that mirrors my gaze

    your face 


    fades into paradise

    lost in a past

    I tried to grasp


    with regret 

    This moment 

    last time

    I will have the pleasure

    to peer into the eyes

    of a beauty

    that stole my 


    my safety

    replaced only

    with fear and despair

    the paradise

    now infinite 

    in black

    I train myself

    to not 

    look back

    — 4 months ago with 1 note

    Please get out of my head

    I am no longer drunk off your smile

    The thought of it brings me closer to death

    That I wish would come quickly

    I want to disappear 

    Let my flesh rot 

    You are my albatross

    I cannot bare this delusion any longer

    Please escape from my prison 

    Please don’t linger amongst my fears

    You have become the torment that creates my tears

    Let me disappear


    Why have you invaded my dreams

    What did you do to make me despair in your absence

    This music is a lie that mocks my failed chords

    I don’t want to be here

    I don’t want to let you go

    — 4 months ago

    Your eyes

    Your smile

    Your lips

    Your hair

    Your skin

    Your touch

    Your beauty mark

    Your slender body

    Your laugh

    Your thoughts

    Your talk

    Your legs

    Your breasts

    Your hands

    Your feet

    Your mind

    Your kiss

    Your questions

    Your soul

    Your warmth

    Your walk

    Your spirit

    Consumes me

    I cannot stand it

    You will become

    The torture 

    That fills 

    Every inch

    In my body

    Every minute

    Every hour

    Every day

    Every week

    Every month

    You are gone

    My thoughts


    From hope

    To despair

    A passing



    In tears

    You are

    My breath

    My ideas

    My hope

    My fears

    My shadow

    My emptiness

    My air

    My dream

    My time

    That falls

    Into the abyss

    Of lost dreams

    Of endless wander

    Of vacant emotions

    Of disparate voids


    Every pore

    Every sore

    Every tear

    Every word

    — 5 months ago

    The endless fluttering in your heart

    Dies with the final gaze into the night

    This moment is where we depart

    From each other’s lovers sight

    Move slowly with the waltz through the parade

    The fragile smile I mask is an endless charade

    Patterns in the static becomes a song

    To which I can right my wrongs

    Breathe innocuously  the words to say goodbye

    As rose tinted hues continue to die

    A nihilist dream 

    Annihilates the seams

    Torn fabric of youth 

    Calls for endless truth

    A dance in the dark comforts the stinging air

    As the fables are told from my friend despair

    Ever looming the luminous reactions told

    Presents the greatest lie ever sold

    That love is real, from the velvet tongue

    As hours pass into the hazey fog

    I reach for the phone, waiting for that message

    That will never come to passage

    What of this perversion I have for you

    Creeping into my head to hold you

    A courtship of fools

    Cut down by endless rules

    Walk into the chasm that turns into a void

    Tell me one more time

    How to become that callous android

    Blood dripping through the lines

    Spill onto the mirror broken

    Shattering the dream once held 

    In the empty room, whispered words spoken

    A stranger now mistaken for myself

    I am become the faceless nomad

    Wandering beneath the starlit sky

    Covered melancholy driven mad

    The words breathed to form those eyes

    Sorrow left in your wake

    Sorrow comforts my fate

    — 5 months ago with 1 note

    This concept is quickly becoming old

    Fragile muses breathes in the cold

    My death will be covered in smoke

    WIth a flicker beyond hope

    If fear can become love

    Whats there to say about your god above?

    Your slender body fills me with a light

    That shines the blank walls in my mind

    I wish to hold you once again

    Yet, I regret becoming your friend

    I try to sleep for thousand years 

    But my colors aren’t made of tears

    The hues grow dull with each passing moment

    Alone in my bed, racing with sorrow and regret

    We are now free

    Your love comes cold to a degree

    Cold touch mask the warm that is dim

    Chances of us dancing now grows slim

    I miss you dearly

    But we are now free

    — 5 months ago

Nippon Dental College, Niigata, Japan, 1973
(Shin’ichi Okada)


    Nippon Dental College, Niigata, Japan, 1973

    (Shin’ichi Okada)

    (via twinb)

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